Organisation Development Consultant

I work with organisations and leaders to support change and development. Together, we find unique responses to the challenges and opportunities you face.

Warren Banks

I work as a FACILITATOR and ORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT. After 18 years in the field I remain fascinated by the power of group processes, and the magic of change and development work – how people and groups can be enabled to transform from one state to another, sometimes with astonishing ease and speed, sometimes with hard work and harder won awareness.

Let's work together to:

Review & Decide

  • engage in meaningful team or organisational self-assessments
  • articulate and explore the big questions
  • take tough decisions together

Create & Design

  • craft unique responses for their unique situations
  • build strategies
  • clarify purpose and identity
  • design processes and programmes
  • generate and synthesise new ideas
  • find their cutting edge

Change & Transform

  • face change together
  • use experiments to support change and strengthen the organisation

Learn & Develop

  • build a learning culture
  • find and work with the critical questions facing them
  • name and take their next development step
  • develop process, leadership and management skills

To me, this feels like more than a profession – it’s a privilege to work with people, teams and organisations striving for meaning, progress and excellence.

Warren Banks

  • Warren’s approach is truly person-centred and brings a richness to the work which goes beyond systems and processes and focuses on bringing real change.

    Catherine Simmons
    Frontline AIDS (Brighton, UK)
  • We have always experienced Warren as an exceptional facilitator, who provides the tools for our organisation to develop a strategic plan that is grounded and implementable. We have felt in safe and kind hands.

    Anton Krone
  • Warren certainly has an aptitude for asking the right questions which move and energise people, groups and organisations from a state of stasis or “stuckness” to one of dynamism and “freshness”.

    Lee Mondry
    Positive Vibes Trust
  • Warren’s ability to keep a large, diverse group of people engaged and focused over an extended period clearly illustrates his high professional standard and ability – and this is reflected in the excellent outcomes and concise documentation post-intervention.

    Melanie Jackson
    Words That Count
  • Warren works from his head and his heart in equal measure. He brings firmness and humour; and he supports and confronts with empathy.

    Davine Thaw
    OD Practitioner
  • Among a room of senior experts, he was able to defer to their knowledge of the subject matter, but still guide the process.
    And above all, it all worked because he’s a pleasure to have around — incisive and witty.

    Mary Galvin
    Associate Professor of Development Studies, UJ
  • Warren is passionate about development and provides support to spark much needed changes in doing things. I value his knowledge, experience and expertise on all aspects of organisational development.

    Anthony Waldhausen
    Gay and Lesbian Network

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