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[ 2-minute read] Welcome to my blog on leadership, change and organisation development. All of the material you’ll find here comes from my practice: ideas and tools that I work with and believe are worth sharing; things I’ve learned from the past 18 years of consulting to organisations, leaders, managers and teams; questions I’m grappling with now. Five basic tags organise the posts: People: ideas about people and relationships. Process: ideas about processes, change and development. Organisations: ideas about organisations, including...
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coping with overload - self and time management basics
[9-minute read] This post starts out by talking about me, then moves onto talking about you… I’m saying this upfront, just so you know there might be some actual value in reading on to the end – it’s not all wittering about my packed schedule and how it got that way! Also, this piece focuses on a way of visualising and managing your work – and how that might make your life a bit more manageable (it worked for me)....
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A neglected question in process design [2-minute view + 3-minute read]   Aside from being a cute video, this is also a challenging one. It suggests that we should be looking for ways in which the changes we’re trying to make could be fun. Thinking about how they might appeal to the people’s desire for novelty, for intrinsic reward, for whimsy. In short, asking: How can we make change pleasurable in itself, instead of relying on pain (or...
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change management leadership competency
Change: a core leadership competency [4-minute read] Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about leaders and leadership. Sometimes, with feelings of fondness and admiration; often, with a certain wistful frustration. Of course, leadership is central to any change or organisation development (OD) effort: if the leaders (formal and informal) don’t really want change, it’s almost impossible to make it happen elegantly. And I do like a bit of elegance every now and then … change shouldn’t all be...
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[8-minute read] Debriefing, learning and accountability processes Why bother? Change is a constant. When we cease adapting to change we lose contact with reality – our strategy gathers cobwebs, our people go to sleep, we lose relevance. The only way to stay connected and working at our edge – and with excellence – is to place a serious emphasis on individual and organisational learning. This short article offers some practical ideas about how to begin building a learning...
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3 first steps for avoiding crisis [7-minute read] Recently, the theme of leadership succession has been pretty ubiquitous. It keeps cropping up in conversations with clients in the NGO sector, in colleagues’ work, even with friends. Why now? On one level, this is a very worrying sign – it undoubtedly means I’m getting old. On a less self-involved note, it also suggests that something is going on in the South African development sector. A change-of-the-guard is coming. Many people who...
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This blog is for people who work with and in organisations of any kind – as leaders, managers, formal or informal change agents. If you are trying to work more consciously and effectively with change in your organisation, I hope you will find some ideas here that make your work (and your life) a bit easier, and your organisation a more effective, creative and positive place to be.

If you would like to engage around these ideas, ask a question, suggest a post, or discuss the possibility of working together, please drop me a line.