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This feels like more than a profession

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After 20 years in the field I remain fascinated by the power of group processes, and the magic of change and development work – how people and groups can be enabled to transform from one state to another, sometimes with astonishing ease and speed, sometimes with hard work and harder won awareness.

Finding effective ways of supporting change in organisations and teams is challenging and creative work. No two clients are the same, and each process brings new insights and fresh learning. To me, this feels like more than a profession – it’s a privilege to work with so many people, teams and organisations striving for meaning, progress and excellence. 


Based in South Africa, I have worked mainly in Southern, East and West Africa, and occasionally in Europe (UK, Germany, The Netherlands). 

Most of my clients are in the human rights and development sectors (civil society, NGOs, donors) and I am currently exploring work with businesses focused on social impact (as well as profit), corporate social investment (CSI) divisions, and some state-owned organisations.

I have also designed and facilitated conferences and other multi-stakeholder learning and decision-making processes, as well as working with some private sector clients.

My practice works in a wide range of contexts and sectors because it’s about people and process – these are common to all organisations, regardless of the content of the work.

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My alter ego

In another part of my life, I am a writer.

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