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3 first steps for avoiding crisis [7-minute read] Recently, the theme of leadership succession has been pretty ubiquitous. It keeps cropping up in conversations with clients in the NGO sector, in colleagues’ work, even with friends. Why now? On one level, this is a very worrying sign – it undoubtedly means I’m getting old. On a less self-involved note, it also suggests that something is going on in the South African development sector. A change-of-the-guard is coming. Many people who...
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Good morning! This is not a standard blog post – instead of sharing something, I’d like to ask what you’d find valuable in future posts and what you might want to share with your networks on social media or elsewhere. So far – in this blog about organisations, OD, change, and leadership – I’ve shared articles with the following tags: Change Consulting & Facilitation How To’s Organisations People Process Questions Stories Strategy Tools & Frameworks (Please visit my blog...
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[5-minute read] Follow the questions – they will lead you into the future. For most people, facts and certainties are more comfortable than questions. We want answers, clear direction, a way through the tangled jungle of our lives, and the grey areas of our organisations. But certainties don’t take us to new places. Questions do. Questions that matter I don’t mean, “What time is it?” or, “Does my bum look big in this?” (Though that second one could...
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[4-minute read] Recently, I worked with a new client that was older than most — approaching its centenary. Its leaders, managers, staff and other stakeholders wanted to figure out how to remain relevant and cutting edge for another hundred years.  This post shares one of the steps we took together en route to figuring out their strategy. It’s a useful exercise if you need to blend respect for a significant legacy with some fresh thinking about the future.  Timing:...
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[4-minute read] Often organisations spend a lot of time talking about strategy… Developing strategic plans… Trying to engender a culture of strategic thinking… Building ownership of the strategy amongst staff. And so on. This makes complete sense: good strategy is critical for success. It’s our road-map into the future, towards our goals and aspirations.  And, to be honest, 60-70% of the work I’ve done in the past decade or so has been about helping clients develop new strategies...
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