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[3-minute read] You may already have an effective way of hiring outside support people (consultants/contractors), but for those who don’t, or want to rethink their approach, here are a few quick thoughts… Steps 1. Know what you want to achieve What are the outcomes/results you want from the work? And what are the deliverables/outputs (if any — e.g. reports, designs, systems, policies, etc.)? Name both your desired outcomes and outputs as clearly as possible. (It’s also fine to...
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[2-minute read] There’s nothing more human than storytelling. It’s embedded in everything we do, from raising children, to making small talk, to comforting a loved one, to planning our future. Stories are everywhere, including in our organisations… What else is a brand? Or a strategy? A story about who we are. A story about where we’re going. They’re built into the fabric of the world we inhabit. And our social systems are based on them — whether or...
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[4-minute read] When leaders or managers approach organisation development (OD) consultants, facilitators or other kinds of helping professionals, they will often name an issue or problem and then request a fairly specific solution. The classic example is: ‘The team is not quite gelling and morale is a bit low.’ ‘I want a team building exercise!’ That first sentence might mean any of the following (and more): ‘No one’s very clear about what they’re supposed to be doing, so...
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[4 minute read] Facing crisis When we face crisis in our lives or in our organisations, we tend to ask: ‘Why is this happening?’ And perhaps even, ‘Why is this happening to me!?’ The first question can be useful, but it’s also risky to get stuck in a forensic exercise when the situation demands a practical response now. The second question has a simple answer: ‘Why not?’ Regardless of how thoroughly we manage risk, s**t continues, unfailingly, to...
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[2 minute read ] Crisis is not a word with many positive associations. “Oh, he’s in crisis again,” we might say of our drama-queen friend. “The government is facing a crisis of confidence,” we note as the latest in a growing litter of corruption scandals squirms, stinking, into the light of day. “She’s taken six months off to travel through India. It’s a midlife crisis, and career suicide,” we hear someone mutter to a colleague in an airport...
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