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paradoxical theory of change warren-banks-organisation-development-durban-leadership-development
[ 2-minute read ] This is an idea from Gestalt Systems Development, which is an offshoot of Gestalt psychology, but focuses on organisations and other human systems. The paradox it refers to is that change happens more naturally, easily – even organically – the more we connect with what is. This is counterintuitive — thus, the “paradox” in the title. Most people think that change has to be hard work: a long slog to become something new, different, better....
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problem solving warren-banks-power-of-conversation-facilitator-organisation-development-consultant-durban-south-africa
[ 4-minute read ] Conversation is a generative process: it’s about building something new together. And, conversations are emergent things: a flow of ideas, thoughts, feelings and concepts arise and join up, to form some new picture of the topic, of people’s experiences and insights, of possible solutions and next steps. Conversation is about building something new together. Perhaps surprisingly – since it’s really simple and involves no bells, whistles or tech – conversation remains one of the...
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talking partner warren-banks-power-of-conversation-Facilitator-organisation-development-consultant-durban-south-africa
[ 3-minute read ] “The art of conversation is dead,” is an old cliché. But in many organisations, it’s also true. While many people know how to argue a case, how to persuade others, and how to set a meeting agenda, far fewer can create the conditions for new insights, creative thinking and solid agreements to emerge. The humble conversation is one of our most powerful tools for exploring options, building bridges between people, reaching consensus, and confronting...
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are we in balance workshops durban warren banks workshopping-problem-solving-effectiveness-efficiency-meaning-in-work-leadership-accompaniment
[ 3-minute read ] The Three Bubbles Model The idea is simple: teams, organisations — and even events (like workshops or conferences) — work best if we find the right balance between three key elements: Task – WHAT we are here to do; what the work is about (purpose, goals, issues, content). Process – HOW we will work; procedures; systems; sequencing; our approach. Relationships – WHO is here; the way we relate; the quality of our “we” (who...
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