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Stories can be changed

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There’s nothing more human than storytelling. It’s embedded in everything we do, from raising children, to making small talk, to comforting a loved one, to planning our future.

Stories are everywhere, including in our organisations… What else is a brand? Or a strategy? A story about who we are. A story about where we’re going. They’re built into the fabric of the world we inhabit. And our social systems are based on them — whether or not we’re conscious of this.

So, it’s illuminating to ask:

  • What story am I living in?
  • What story is encoded in our team or organisational culture?
  • What stories do we repeat to each other and to outsiders about the work, about each other, about what it’s like to be around here?
  • And are these all stories working for me? For us?

A ‘storied’ lens is a powerful when we want to make changes in our lives or in our organisations.

Because stories can be changed — both the endings and the pathways we use to get there.

Stories can be shared.

And stories are alive. They captivate, excite, inspire, instruct.

And they can help us move forward together.

Editing the stories we live — ‘re-storying’ — is implicit in all change work. Reimagining our own story means reclaiming our power and agency as human being and as leaders. And the same goes for organisations.

If you’d like to start a conversation about the story that you and your organisation are living — and how to change it — please drop me a line.

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