Organisation Development Consultant

Why work with me?

You are a leader, a manager, a team member, and you sense that some CONSCIOUS CHANGE is needed

You might be wrestling with the complexities of your market or environment. Or worried that you may not be ready to take up major opportunities. You wonder how to engage the untapped potential in your people and organisation. You’re concerned about sustainability. Perhaps you’re facing downsizing or a growth spurt. Or you wonder if you’re really making a difference.

If so, let’s talk. A critical friend and facilitator can make an enormous difference to your change process, the achievement of your goals, and your stress levels.

  • You gain access to a neutral supporter who is skilled in leading change and development processes.
  • The chances of achieving your outcomes to a high level of quality and within your preferred time frame are significantly increased.
  • You create space and time to stop and think (very rare and valuable commodities!).
  • You draw on and make the most of the knowledge, skill and wisdom that’s already available within your organisation – solutions are not simply imported, they’re crafted together to ensure best fit.
  • In the process, people learn how to work together in some new and creative ways.
  • Employee ownership and commitment are built.
  • New (or stronger) connections form between people, between parts of your organisation, and within teams.
  • Tensions and conflicts are resolved or reduced.
  • We highlight and build on your strengths to address problems and deficits – always looking for the simplest, most elegant and constructive solutions.
  • Leaders (new and old) are developed – as is their capacity to work effectively with change in human systems (skills with wide application both within and outside of an organisational setting).

My approach is always informed by: What is needed? What is enough? What would be best for your organisation?

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