Organisation Development Consultant

How I work

Let's work together

Depending on the outcomes you want to achieve we might work together:

  • BRIEFLY for a few days, over a month or two, to resolve a problem, facilitate an annual review and planning session, form a new team.


  • ON A LONGER-TERM BASIS over several months, or even a year or two to support a significant set of changes, like the integration of a new strategy or restructuring.

In general, our work together would have four stages – though you may choose to go it alone for some of these:


Listen & understand

Together, we unpack and explore the issues facing you and make meaning of them.

We design a process to get to your goals.


Facilitate & engage

We implement the process and monitor it as it unfolds.

This might involve interviews, meetings, workshops, the design of new systems or materials, a little research, and usually, a set of decision making steps.

This often leads to the design of an experiment – a way to “try on” the changes you and your team are contemplating. 


Accompany & support

I support your experiment (implementing change) and help you to steer and learn from it.

In the process, capacity is developed and people reposition and make personal and professional changes.

Usually, there are significant value-adds, aside from achieving your original desired outcomes. 


Review & celebrate

We review progress and celebrate what has been achieved.

Then, we might design a next step.  

Or simply bring our work together to a close.

For larger and more complex projects I work with a pool of skilled and trusted colleagues. They include professionals in the fields of training, coaching, facilitation, organisation development, counselling, materials development and design, communications, strategic thinking, research, monitoring and evaluation, and learning. 

I am also open to designing and facilitating once-off events and workshops (that may or may not be part of larger processes).

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